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2019 Conference Materials & Handouts

Pre-conference Teacher Event

J. Matt Jameson, Joanna Ryan, & Olivia Coleman 
Inclusion is...
Handout 1
Handout 2 (PSA)

Invited Speakers and Sessions

David Emenheiser,  Rural Lead, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
Ideas that Work: Easy Access, Free of Charge Resource

Ginevra Courtade, Tina Hudson, Robert Pennington, & Susan Schultz
Publishing in and Reviewing for Rural Special Education Quarterly
Reviewer Guidelines

Dr. Tom Farmer 
Adapting Research and Professional Development to the Needs of Diverse Rural Learners: Considerations from the Directed Consultation Approach
Kathleen Mageira, Ann Berry, & Melinda Ault
People with A Passion: Early Members Recount the Mission, Evolution, and Impact of ACRES

Session 1

Pamina Abkowitz & Robbie Ludy 
Fields of opportunity: Innovative Programming for Developing Multicultural Communities at a Rural Midwest University

Session 2

Ann B. Berry
Benefits and Barriers to Increasing Shared Responsibility Between General and Special Educators in Rural Schools

Session 3

Julie Reneau & Catherine Price 
Lights, Camera, Action! Creating Video Case Studies for Pre-Service and Novice Teachers in Rural Areas

Janet Kim & Jenny Wells
Marketing and Recruitment Strategies in Special Education Rural Alternative Teacher Preparation Programs 

Steve Bigaj & Betsy Street
Learning Beyond the Classroom: New Hampshire’s Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs)  
Additional materials:  ELO ActivityELO Design TemplateNext Steps NH Introductory Flyer
Mark Brown
Exploring Developmental, Social, Academic and Family Support Concerns for Fathers of Children with Autism. Additional materials:  Handout 2

  Session 4

Panel:  Building Partnerships to Meet the Unique Needs of Rural Special Education
Bethany R. McKissick
Comparing the Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction with and without Video Stimuli to Teach Science Content

Session 6

Anastasia White, Heather Haynes Smith, 
Examination of Inclusive Practices in Rural and Urban Music Education: Perspectives from the Field
Karen D. Hager
Going Digital with Field Supervision Data Collection
Christopher J. Rivera
Improving Study Outcomes for Students with Executive Functioning Challenges 

Session 7

Barbara Fiechtl & Karen D. Hager
The Pathway to Success: Improving Teaching Skills Through Virtual Supervision
Carollynn Anders, Lori Marks, Candace Bacon, & Lindsey Swank
The Effects of a Metacognitive Strategy on the Reading Comprehension of High School History Students
Session 8
Harvey Rude & Valerie Sherman. 
Addressing the Teaching Shortage in Rural Settings: Strategies That work

Allison Howland, Indiana University; Kathryn Havercroft,
Milan Cares: Improving Social Emotional Intervention and Climate in a Rural District
Mary Anne Fleury
Improving IEP Teams: Facilitative Skills for Resolving Conflict

Session 12

Karena Cooper-Duffy & Charmion Rush
Supporting Rural Special Education Students Online through e-Performance Assessments and  edTPA 
Lee Mason & Alonzo Andrews
Vale la Pena: Tele-Assessing the Verbal Behavior of Children with Autism in Mexico

Session 13

Linda Bass-Johnoff, Lindsey Holeman, & Judith Monseur
Ohio Partnership for Excellence in Paraprofessional Preparation: A Model for University-Rural District Partnerships

Session 14

Kristen Love & Susan Schultz
Expanding Family-Centered Teaching Practices: What We Know, What We’ve Learned, and Where We’re Headed
Joyce H. Little & Robin O’Shea
20 Years and Counting:  The Impact of IEP Facilitation