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What is RuraLink?

RuraLink, the ACRES e-mail distribution list, is an important vehicle for disseminating and sharing information for ACRES as a professional organization.

How Do You Access RuraLink?

As an ACRES member or subscriber, you are automatically enrolled in RuraLink. Once enrolled, you should set your email system to accept mail from the list so it does not treated as junk mail and check your email regularly for incoming messages.
ACRES Headquarters staff, Board members, and others post information about ACRES activities in particular (such as conference announcements, new publications advertisements, election results, etc.) as well as information about topics and issues that may be of interest to those whose focus is special education and disability services in rural communities (such as national news, policy developments, emerging research, new books and reports, webinars and workshops, etc.).

As an individual interested in topics and issues in rural special education and disability services, you may request permission to be added to RuraLink at no cost. ACRES offers this free subscription to the e-mail list as a way of introducing you to the organization and its activities and encourage you to consider becoming a full member.

What Content Should be Posted?

Individuals who subscribe to RuraLink are encouraged to share anything relevant to the ACRES members and subscribers. This could include information regarding key dates, upcoming activities, educational opportunities, and other important events that have some relationship to rural special education or disability services or to rural education and communities in general.

What Content Should NOT be Posted?

Please keep information that is irrelevant to ACRES members and subscribers to yourself. Refer to the netiquette pointers (e-mailed to you when you subscribe) when determining whether a message is appropriate for the list.

How to submit a Post to Ruralink

To submit information for distribution through the Ruralink e-mail list, please prepare a brief message and e-mail it to The list manager will review the information and, if it is deemed appropriate for ACRES, it will be posted to the list as soon as possible.