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Links to Other Resources

The American Council on Rural Special Education (ACRES) is pleased to share these links that offer other resources related to special education and rural education.

Special Education

Council for Exceptional Children

Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities

National Association of State Directors of Special Education

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

Rural Education

Rural School and Community Trust

Journal of Research in Rural Education

U. S. Rural Education Resource Center

National Research Center on Rural Education Support

National Rural Education Association

The National Rural Assembly

Organizations Concerned about Rural Education

Moving Your Numbers

Suggest New Resources for ACRES

ACRES only lists resources that are federal agencies or funded projects or professional or advocacy organizations that are national in scope.

To suggest that a new resource be added to this web site, please send an email explaining the reason why this resource addresses special education and/or rural education and including the full URL for the home page to: