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Membership Categories

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Regular Membership

$75 per year (add $6 for international)
Individual professional

Student Membership*

$25 per year (add $6 for international)
Requires a letter signed by the faculty advisor verifying full-time student status and not currently employed as a teacher, administrator or college instructor — send to

Institutional Membership

$100 per year (add $6 for international) 
National, state or local organization or agency must identify contact person who will receive membership benefits

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A $15 service charge will be assessed on all denied credit card payments or returned checks.

ACRES New Membership Application (PRINT FORM)

Who are ACRES Members?

You are invited to join the American Council on Rural Special Education (ACRES). ACRES is the only national organization dedicated solely to the enhancement of services to students and individuals with disabilities living in rural areas. The membership of ACRES includes special and general educators, related service providers, administrators, teacher trainers, university students, and parents. Rural America offers unique and exciting challenges. The very nature of rural areas (for example: sparse populations, tendencies toward professional isolation, remoteness from resources) makes it essential for rural educators, service providers, and parents to have an effective communication network. Rural areas thrive on warm personal relationships and close-knit communities. ACRES can offer rural professionals and parents the opportunity to develop a “close-knit” rural organization at the national level. There is no longer any reason for those working in rural areas to be isolated. If you are concerned about students and individuals with special needs who live in rural areas, and if you have been seeking an organization that needs your abilities as much as you need its expertise, then ACRES is the organization for you.’‘

What are Benefits of ACRES Membership?

ACRES Annual National Conference

An opportunity to meet with other skilled individuals throughout the United States who are concerned about rural issues, challenges, and programs. Members receive discounted rates on registration fees for the national conference.

Rural Special Education Quarterly

The  Rural Special Education Quarterly (RSEQ) is the only national scholarly publication solely devoted to rural special education issues. The purpose of RSEQ is to disseminate information and research concerning rural special education, federal and other events relevant to rural individuals with disabilities, progressive service delivery systems, reviews of relevant conferences and publications, and resources for rural special educators. The RSEQ editorial board represents a wide range of institutions and disciplines related to rural special education. Members receive a free subscription to RSEQ.

RuraLink E-mail List

RuraLink is a national e-mail list that provides a forum for discussions and announcements relevant to individuals who are interested in rural special education. To join this e-mail list, address an e-mail message to: acres_support at The subject should be left blank and the first and only line of the mail message must be as follows: ADD ACRESLIST (insert your e-mail address here without parenthesis) After subscribing, you will receive a message indicating that you have been added to the ACRES listserv. The message will include instructions for using the e-mail list. Members receive a free subscription to RuraLink.

ACRES Scholarship Program

ACRES annually makes an award of one scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is to offer practicing rural teachers an opportunity to pursue education and preparation that would not otherwise be affordable within their districts. Members have the opportunity to nominate others or apply themselves for this scholarship.

ACRES Awards Program

ACRES annually makes awards in several categories. The purpose of these awards is to recognize individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership or proposed significant research in rural special education or to recognize exemplary programs that have documented contributions to innovation in service delivery or personnel preparation in rural special education.
Members have the opportunity to nominate others or apply themselves for these awards.

ACRES Monographs

ACRES periodically publishes monographs and other materials that are focused on topics and issues in service delivery or personnel preparation in special education in rural communities. Members may receive discounted rates for special publications.

Help Recruit new ACRES Members!

ACRES is only as strong as its membership and we welcome all new members whether they are professionals, paraprofessionals, family members, students or organizations, whether their focus is on disabilities, of giftedness, or at risk conditions, and whether they live and work in rural communities in the United States or in international locations.

If you are an existing member, please share information about ACRES with your colleagues and students and encourage them to become a part of our organization.