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Call for Proposals/Submission Instructions


Look below or download for proposal components and requirements and the criteria for selection. click the Call for Proposals/Submission instructions on the sidebar before using the link to Submit a Proposal for 2022. 
We strongly recommend you prepare the narrative before accessing the online submission form via the link on the sidebar. You will receive a confirmation receipt once your proposal has been submitted.
Proposals submitted prior to October 15 will receive early decisions by Nov. 1. As space allows, we will continue to consider proposals submitted until midnight on Nov. 30, 2021.

Proposal Submission Form Components and Requirements

I.  Names and contact information of all presenters (do NOT include degree designators; this information will be blinded for reviewers)

II.  Conference Strand:  one (1) topic that is the focus of the session

III. Type of Session: 25-min synchronous (live and recorded) virtual session

IV.  Focus Audience: one (1) target group most interested in topic of session

V.  Commitment to Attend Conference: presenters and co-presenters are required to register/pay for names to appear in program and proceedings

VI. Proposal: (NO identifying information)

     a.    Title; 15 words maximum

     b.    Abstract; 50 words maximum

     c.     Narrative 700 words or less

             i.     Session Overview;

             ii.     Empirical or Theoretical Base;

             iii.     Rural Focus;

             iv.     Practical Applications.


Selection Process and Criteria

Each complete proposal will undergo a blind review process using these criteria:
  • Is the proposal clear as to what the presenter(s) will provide for the audience?
  • Does the proposal provide a sound empirical or theoretical base?
  • Does the topic have direct or indirect implications for rural special education?
  • Does the topic have appeal to and usefulness for an audience of educators, administrators, related service personnel, teacher educators, and/or parents?
  • Is the proposal well organized? Does the proposal follow the specified format?
  • Is the content appropriate for the conference strand and session type selected?


Reminders to Potential Presenters:

The principal presenter is responsible for keeping all co-presenters/authors informed of all correspondence from ACRES related to the conference.

Presenters/authors will receive information about preparing for the session and registering for the conference.

ALL presenters and co-presenters/authors MUST PRE- REGISTER for the conference, with pre-registration due no later than FEBRUARY 14. Please see details on registration fees associated with the 2021 Virtual Conference.