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Annual ACRES Conference

Past ACRES Conference Materials

Conference Presentations

Presentation materials and slides, from past ACRES conferences, are available for download by clicking the relevant year on the menu bar.

Conference Programs

The Conference Program Book contains information about the conference theme, the major speakers, the content strands, the sessions and speakers for presentations, posters and roundtables, and other special events.

The program books from several of the most recent conferences can be accessed below to allow individuals who are interested in submitting a proposal for an upcoming conference to gain an understanding of the range of topics that are typically of interested to ACRES conference participants.

Conference Proceedings

The American Council on Rural Special Education publishes a proceedings document based upon papers submitted by presenters at its annual conference in March of each year.

The Conference Proceedings contain papers that are based on sessions presented at the annual conference during that year, assembled into a proceedings document by the proceedings editor, and published by posting to the ACRES web site immediately after the end of the conference.

The proceedings documents from several of the most recent conferences can be accessed below to allow individuals who are accepted to present at the next annual conference and are interested in submitting a paper to the proceedings to gain an understanding of the type of information typically published in the proceedings.

The proceedings documents are also available free as a resource to anyone who visits the ACRES web site with an interest in rural special education.