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Board of Directors

2019-2020 Board Members

Board members are officials elected by the membership with full voting privileges or other individuals serving ex-officio without voting privileges by virtue of appointed positions within the organization. 

Officers April 2019-2020

  • Todd Sundeen, Chair
    University of Northern Colorado
    Campus Box 141, McKee 35, Greeley CO, 80639
  • Ann Berry, Chair-Elect
    Plymouth State University
    539 Canaan Street, Canaan, NH 03741-7628
  • Colleen Wood-Fields, Treasurer
    West Virginia University
    809D Allen Hall, Morgantown, WV 26506
  • Tina Hudson, Past Chair
  • Anthony Menendez, Secretary
    Cleveland State University
    14419 Hollywood Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44111
  • Karen Hager-Martinez, Past Historian
  • Susan Schultz, Current Historian
  • Apprentice Historian (vacant)

Headquarters 2018-2023

  • Kim Floyd (23)
  • Alex Hollo (23)


  • Ginevra Courtade, Editor
  • Tina Hudson, Managing Editor

Current Board Members*

Serving April 2017-2020

  • Pamina Abkowitz
    Buena Vista University
    Term 1
  • Cathy Galyon
    East Tennessee State University
    Term 2
  • Julie Reneau
    Fairmont State University
    Term 1
  • David Stockford
    Term 1

Serving April 2018-2021

  • Tina Hudson
    Marshall University
    Term 2
  • Anthony Menendez
    Cleveland State University
    Term 1
  • Deborah Rooks-Ellis
    University of Maine
    Term 1
  • Karen Hager-Martinez
    Utah State University
    Term 2
  • Wendi Dunham
    Marshall University
    Term 1
  • Veronica Moore
    University of New Mexico
    Term 1
  • Tori Shoulders Colson
    University of Southern Indiana
    Term 1
  • Todd Sundeen
    University of Northern Colorado
    Term 1
  • Corey Pierce
    University of Northern Colorado
    Term 1

Serving April 2019-2022

  • Mark Butler
    Anderson University
    Term 2
  • Brittany Hott
    Oklahoma University
    Term 1
  • Doug Sturgeon
    Shawnee State University
    Term 1
  • Channon Horn
    Asbury University
    Term 1
  • Matt Jameson
    University of Utah
    Term 1
  • Lee Mason
    University of Texas San Antonio
    Term 1
  • Colleen Wood-Fields
    West Virginia University
    Term 1
  • Anne Berry
    Plymouth State University
    Term 1

*Members serve 3-year terms and can be re-elected one time.

Nominate Self or Others for ACRES Board of Directors


Members of the Board of Directors must be ACRES members in good standing to be nominated and elected to office. New Board members shall take office immediately following the annual business meeting at the national conference to serve three (3)-year terms. Board members cannot serve more than two (2) consecutive terms. The Chair and Historian will serve three (3)-year terms as Chair-elect/Chair/Past Chair or Apprentice Historian/Historian/Consulting Historian. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected annually. National Coordinator(s) and Editor(s) shall be appointed by the board to serve five (5) year renewable terms. 

A description of roles can be found in the ACRES Bylaws also at that site. All nominees for the Board must be ACRES members in good standing (dues paid to date) and nominees for officer positions must have prior service as a Board member (at least one year).  

Directions for Nominations

The following positions need to be filled for the coming year:

  • Chair-elect- commitment to continue as Chair and Past-Chair - 3 year term
  • Treasurer - 1 year term
  • Secretary - 1 year term
  • Apprentice Historian - commitment to continue for 3 years as Historian and Consulting Historian 
  • Board members at large - 3 year term (multiple positions open)

To NOMINATE YOURSELF, please send your name, the role for which you are nominating yourself, a brief explanation of why you feel you are qualified for office, and your previous involvement in ACRES.

To NOMINATE OTHERS, please confirm with the individual that s/he is willing to serve and send the name(s) and the role(s) for which you are nominating the person, a brief explanation of why you feel s/he is qualified for office, and his/her previous involvement in ACRES.

Please send nominations to the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee, Tina Hudson at with a copy of the nomination to ACRES Headquarters staff at